About me

Hi, my name is Vincenzo. I am a twenty one year old software engineer studying Fullstack development and Data Science at Make School. I am currently in my first year as a student, but have been self teaching myself for approximately four years. I really love talking anything computers, math, physics, and really just anything science related! Below is a list of what technologies I use and how long I've been using them for. I am currently looking for freelance/full time work, so if your company or you needs anybody and my credentials seem like a good match, reach out to me and we can discuss further. :)

Skills & Achievements


Name Strength Years used
python 3
Java 3
javascript 1
C/C++ 2

Tools & Frameworks

Name Strength Years used
cli 3
git 3
Bootstrap 3
Express 1
mocha 1
heroku 1


Name Strength Years used
MongoDB 1

Operating systems

Name Strength Years used
Debian & Ubuntu 4
macos 3
windows 5

Text editors

Name Strength Years used
vim 1
sublime 3
atom 2